If you came to this page, then I guess it means you want to know a little about the person who has created this home page. ME! Unless of course you are just lost, and in that case I suppose you are just along for the ride, so lets make it a good one!

First this is a picture of myself. (Obviously on a firetruck.) This was taken in August of 1995, although it is an old picture, the angle and perception the photo was taken from is great. The way you take a photo can change the viewers perception in a matter of seconds. I like to take photo's of many different subjects, such as: Nature, Animals, People, Buildings, basically anything that can sit still long enough to let me snap a shot. HERE are more pictures of me!

Back to about me: I was born in October 1976 in Oregon State, USA. I lived there for about two years until I moved to a VERY small town in central Washington State, where I spent the rest of my childhood. This town is called Cle Elum, well I actually lived in South Cle Elum. There are fours towns total in the community and they consist of about 5000 people, Cle Elum being the largest town. There is one school district and I graduated in a class of about 50 students in 1994. I stuck around for about a year, until I decided it was time to move on.

I then went to Travel School in the Southwest part of Washington for five months, then I graduated in January 1996. I then moved to Denver, Colorado, where I live and work for a travel agency in Denver.

I have a wonderful boyfriend, his name is Doug (Douglas) he lives in Kirkland, Washington, which is in the Seattle area. It is hard to live so far from him but I know that we will make it because our love for eachother is so strong. I will be moving to Kirkland to live with him in September of 1999. I am very excited about this. I just hope that he will be able to put up with my babies (my cats and ferret)!
HERE you can learn more about Doug and see pictures of him.

I have three best friends. Doug (my boyfriend) I already told you about. The other two are Lisa and Terra.

Lisa still lives in Cle Elum. She is married and has a beautiful daughter Kyra who was born in October of 1997. Lisa and I have been best friends since eighth grade. We went to school together our entire lives, but in eigth grade we became inseperable. (I will be putting pictures of her, Casey (her husband) and Kyra on this page soon).

Terra ives in Ellensburg, which is about 30 miles from Cle Elum. She graduated from Central Washington University this last June. Terra and I met eachother when I was in first grade and she was in kindergarden and have been great friends since then. She lived across the alley from me. Terra and I actually don't get to see eachother or talk as often as I would like, but when we do get together it seems as though we had just seen eachother yesterday. We have a special bond in this way. For her fourth and fifth grade years Terra and her family moved to California, this did not even break the bond between us. I think it's wonderful. I think our parents would also like to say that whenever Terra and I get together we seem to get into trouble. I don't think this is true! We always caused trouble, we just seemed to get caught when we were together!

My hobbies are: Traveling, Writing, Painting, Drawing and Creating anything from my imagination.

As far as traveling goes, I have been to many states in the country. I have also been to Mexico, Canada, Jamaica and Costa Rica. HEREyou can see many different pictures I have taken along my way. I plan to travel much more in the next few years. There is alot of the world to see, in the U.S. and outside of it!

I am the oldest child in my family, I have one brother (2 years younger) and one sister (7 1/2 years younger). They both look up to me and admire me greatly, of course because I am the oldest, prettiest and smartest. They may tell you otherwise, but we all know the truth. Also our mother loves me the most (she even told me so.) Again they may argue with this, (and try to say she told them she loves them the most) but again, we know the truth. "Right Mom?"

I also love animals of all kinds. They are the most loving, caring, loyal creatures alive. They're cute also, yes I think even warthogs are cute! Right now I have four animals who run my life. They are Herman, (male cat, born 1995) lilkitty, (male cat, born 1996) Junior (lilkitty's son, male cat, born 1997) and Charlie (male ferret, born 1995.) I have also had many animals throughout my life.
HERE you can see great pictures of their little precious lives.

I believe that everything is beautiful in it's own special way, from people to a piece of scrap metal. It's only how we perceive the outside world that makes things less beautiful than others. It is up to each individual to make everything beautiful in our own minds. Maybe if the whole world did this then we could have peace among us.

I also believe it is up to each individual to keep the earth clean. This means "Do Not Litter," "Clean Up Your Own Mess," and most important, "RECYCLE." Some people don't see the importance in recycling, and they could basically care less. I can't even throw away a soda can, I have to recycle, or I feel guilty for days about it. How hard is it to recycle? It's not, it's very simple in fact. Most places will pick up your recycling with you trash, and whats a few seconds of your day making sure it's sorted if we can have a clean Earth? NOTHING! In Denver they do not pick up your recycling with your trash in most apartment complexes (which is a disappointment I might add,) but that doesn't stop me, I just have a seperate bin for the recyclable materials and I take them to the grocery store with me and turn them in there. It's easy!

This concludes my "about me" page, hope you found it interesting and please visit again soon.

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