My mother and I spent one week in Costa Rica in May 1998. We flew into Costa Rica's only major International Airport in San Jose, on the 11th of May, 1998. Costa Rica is a beautiful country as you will see and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

This photo is of the bungalow we stayed in for two nights in Montezuma. It was set in the jungle, but the beach is visible from the bungalow and only a few feet away. The bungalows are called El Sano Banano and are recommended if you will ever be staying in Montezuma. They are about a 15 minute walk on the beach to the town of Montezuma. You must leave any vehicle you have taken along and ride with the owners in their jeep to your bungalow. They will also take you back out to your vehicle when you plan to leave Montezuma. You get to experience the nature of Montezuma. They are not air conditioned but do have a ceiling fan. If air conditioning is a must then Montezuma is not for you. The hotels and buildings in Montezuma are not air conditioned.

This photo was of our "outdoor" bathroom at the El Sano Banano bungalows. Don't worry no one sees you! The water is natural spring water and is not heated. It is welcomed because of the humidity and heat of Costa Rica.

This is the beach in Montezuma, it is beautiful, as you can see. The water moves very quickly and is very dangerous, but it is also very warm. It moves so quickly that at first look you think that it is not possible for it to be warm, but once you feel it, it's WARM! The beach is very rocky and is slanted a a very steep angle into the water. If you aren't careful the water could be very hazarous.

There are many surf shops in Playa del Jaco (in english it means Jaco beach.) Jaco has many "creature comforts," such as a Best Western and Pizza Hut. If you will be staying in Jaco the two recommended hotels are the Best Western or a local hotel called Amapola (which mean poppy in english.) These are nice resort type hotels, and my kind of hotel.

Playa del Jaco (Jaco Beach) has many surfers. The beach has very dark sand and it's very hot. There are surfers out there from dawn until dusk riding the waves. Playa del Jaco (Jaco Beach) water is warm and the beach is fairly level, but the sand is very fine and makes the water close to the shore murky. Jaco is a great town to stay in for your entire vacation. They offer many one day tours to most of Costa Rica's major attractions, such as, volcanos and national parks.

These carved rocks were on and near the beach in Playa del Jaco. They were an interesting touch to our photo collection.

Most bus stops in Costa Rica are not marked. The locals just seem to know where to go to catch the bus. This was one of the few bus stop along the way that had some sort of structure. Alot of the bus stops seemed to be miles from anywhere, even houses.

Costa Rica's forest is very dense. The countryside is beautiful and sometimes you are up in the mountains and look down and you can see the ocean.

Much of Costa Rica's fresh water is inhabited by crocodiles. It is amazing to see one of these creatures in their natural habitat.

Costa Rica has the cutest most unusual cows. I can only describe them as 1/3 cow, 1/3 rabbit and 1/3 camel. Most of the cows ran away when we got close enough to take their picture. But this one came right up to the fence and "smiled," I snapped his photo and he started to walk away and I yelled "hey get back here," and he came back for another picture. What a HAM!